Future Network Services: 6G for and by the Netherlands

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Future Network Services (FNS) aims for a leading international position for the Netherlands in 6G. We facilitate innovation in 6G networks and applications, and we enable a close cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and the government. We also boost the Dutch economy and contribute to social issues around healthcare, mobility and energy. This is how we strengthen the position of the Netherlands in the global 6G value chain.

Strong consortium

The Future Network Services consortium consists of 60 companies, knowledge institutes and governments and focuses on developing the latest generation of mobile networks: 6G. The Netherlands has world-class expertise in network innovation, semiconductors and mobile applications essential for the development of this new network technology. Between 2024 and 2030, we will jointly build a strong Dutch 6G ecosystem.

Why 6G?

A 6G network is faster, more devices can connect to the network and the delay in sending and receiving data is significantly lower. This means, on the one hand, that performance and reliability are better compared to 5G and, on the other hand, that we see opportunities to make the new mobile network even more efficient and therefore more sustainable. The 6G network thus offers opportunities to innovate, brings more digital inclusion and facilitates a sustainable, digital society.

Although 6G is not expected until 2030, we have already started working on 6G now. In that development, the Netherlands can play a crucial role. Especially since we have a strong position for three crucial 6G components: radio components, network software and mobile applications. That is why Future Network Services is positioning Dutch organisations in the global 6G value chain. If we grab the top position there, we will not only enjoy the benefits that 6G already brings, but also realise more jobs and economic growth on the way there.

Contributing to the digital infrastructure of the Netherlands as a PhD?

Become part of the 6G development team! Benefit from training on next-generation network technology, AI and software development and get access to a state-of-the-art testbed to put theory into practice too.

4 Program lines

The Future Network Services program consists of four program lines. The work packages of the four program lines each have their own set of activities, deliverables and KPIs that jointly contribute to the development of the 6G ecosystem. In addition to the four program lines, there is an FNS core team which leads the project.

Public investment makes FNS program possible

The FNS program was created thanks to an investment from the National Growth Fund. With this investment, the FNS consortium will develop a strong Dutch 6G ecosystem.