PL 4: Strengthen ecosystem

Strengthening the innovation ecosystem through a national testbed, international cooperation, enabling start-ups or scale-ups and developing talent through a Human Capital agenda.

National 6G ecosystem

In program line 4, innovations from the FNS program will be accelerated through a national 6G ecosystem. This will be done by setting up a national 6G testbed infrastructure and an open platform for 6G research & innovation, which will be implemented in the regional field labs.

Startups and SMEs are supported financially and substantively in their 6G innovations, and talent development is promoted from a targeted human capital action plan.

From PL4, the elaborated architecture, specifications and outcomes of testing with the 6G testbed will be fed into international collaborations. The aim is for the outcomes of the FNS program to be included in international standards for 6G. It also actively contributes to co-development of technology and policy.