About 6G Future Network Services

The FNS consortium currently consists of 60 partners, including leading telecom and semiconductor manufacturers, mobile operators, ICT companies and research institutes. These partners will jointly research specific components of 6G: software antennas, AI-driven network software and leading-edge applications. In addition, a nationwide 6G testbed will be built in which components and applications will be tested.

Our vision

Mobile networks are driving the digitalisation of our society. They contribute to the growth of earning power in all sectors of the economy. Through innovation and cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions and the government, the Netherlands is acquiring a strong position in the global 6G value chain. The Future Network Services program will create an international top position for the Netherlands in 6G which will give a boost to the Dutch economy and sustainable earning capacity.


National Growth Fund invests in FNS Program

The FNS program has received a €61 million National Growth Fund grant to develop the next generation of mobile networks: 6G. In addition to the investment in phase 1, €142 million has been earmarked for phase 2 of this unique project.


The FNS program started its quartermaster phase in 2023. On January 1st 2024, the program officially started and it will run until 2030. The FNS program is divided into two phases.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (and the Top Sector ICT support the Growth Fund proposal to realise the Future Networks Services (FNS) program. The Growth Fund proposal was submitted in the third application round of the National Growth Fund, which closed in early 2023

Submission of FNS program proposal from the consortium to the National Growth Fund through the the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Positive National Growth Fund committee decision and a conditional NGF grant award for the FNS program

Final grant award for the first phase of the FNS program

Start of quartermaster phase of the FNS program

Launch of the first phase of the FNS program. Kick-off for the activities, program lines and work packages

Submit proposal for phase 2

Start of phase 2 of the FNS program