Cabinet invests in 6G development

The Dutch cabinet has pledged a conditional investment of 203 million euros from the National Growth Fund for the development of the next generation of mobile networks: 6G. Future Network Services (FNS) will receive €61 million in the first phase and €142 million has been earmarked for phase 2.

Leading role for the Netherlands in 6G

The investment aims to develop and strengthen the Dutch ecosystem for advanced network services. The FNS consortium, consisting of dozens of companies, technical universities and knowledge institutions, focuses on the development of network hardware, software and applications of 6G.

This project is seen as a crucial step in the development of digital sovereignty. In addition, with the emergence of 6G, the Netherlands can benefit from the economic and social advantages this technology brings.

Long-term investments

The investment in the 6G network is a long-term initiative. Although the first funding phase of €61 million has already been committed, further steps are needed before the full amount of €203 million is released. These steps will depend on the progress and results of the project.

The FNS project is an important step in the development of the Dutch digital landscape. With its focus on advanced technologies and the development of 6G, the Netherlands is putting itself on the map as an innovative force in the world of mobile network services.