Kick-off Human Capital Agenda

FNS Work Package 4.4, Human Capital Agenda had its kick-off on 2 April 2024. This first meeting formed the basis for a joint approach to the Human Capital challenges posed by the emergence of 6G technology.

The first session, which aimed not only to get to know each other better, but also to consolidate the mission - ensure a skilled and qualified workforce by 2030 to realise all FNS innovations. 6G promises to catalyse innovations in sectors such as logistics, healthcare, communications and manufacturing. However, to realise these advances, education programmes need to be put in place and employment needs to be boosted in various sectors.

The diverse group includes representatives from companies (both large and small), regions across the country (from north to south, east to west), different levels of education (university, applied sciences, vocational training) and governments and knowledge institutions. Their mandate is to draw up an action agenda to meet the 2030 target. The work package approach consists of answering three key questions:

  1. What should labour and education look like by 2030 to have an adequate workforce? (Vision)
  2. What actions are needed to achieve this? (Goals).
  3. Where do we start (Agenda)?

The kick-off event explored the first question, with the Platform Talent for Technology (PTvT) responsible for processing this input, summarising it and validating it with participants. The group aims to resolve these three questions by summer 2024, with the next session scheduled at ROCvA West in Amsterdam.

Should you wish to join the working group, you are of course welcome. We will share the results with everyone anyway so that you can think along.

There will be a partner meeting with all FNS partners on 14 May 2024. There we will give an update on the progress of our working group.